Over 600 guns turned into RCMP during first two weeks of Gun Amnesty

The bcgunamnesty.ca/ is well underway. In just passing the halfway point of the program, the RCMP continues to encourage people to contact their local police if they want to dispose of any registered or unregistered weapons.

While exact figures have not been determined, roughly 600 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition have already been turned into RCMP detachments across the province so far into the amnesty. We are pleased with the participation we have received from BC residents and know that many more people out there are considering disposing weapons they no longer want or need, said Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens, Commanding Officer of the RCMP in BC.

I urge British Columbians to help get firearms and ammunition off our streets and out of our homes, where they could be harmful, said Suzanne Anton, Attorney General and Minister of Justice. This is an opportunity for people to work with their local police to make our communities safer by turning in unregistered and unwanted firearms.

All police forces across BC are taking part in the amnesty, which provides a safe and easy way for people to dispose of unwanted weapons while ensuring that they don’t fall into the wrong hands or hurt somebody in an accident.

Firearms handed in commonly include rifles, pistols and shotguns. Other items being turned in are pellet guns, starter guns and miscellaneous gun parts.

The BC Gun Amnesty ends on June 30th. During the amnesty, residents of B.C. who possess weapons that have not been used in a criminal offence have the opportunity to turn in guns and ammunition to their local police force without being charged.

RCMP and municipal police are accepting all registered and unregistered firearms and other dangerous weapons. People who possess these weapons are being asked to phone their local police on the non-emergency line. Firearms owners are being asked not to transport these weapons themselves. Police will go to their residence to receive the weapon.