April 14, 2005 Homeland Security Checkpoint Stop

The first time I was stopped at a Homeland Security Checkpoint was on April 14, 2005. Having been stopped and arrested at an illegal joint task force roadblock conducted by tribal police, U.S. Customs, and the Border Patrol several years earlier - merely for asking a few questions, I always make sure to carry a camera with me when traveling along this road.

After the 2002 arrest, I fought the charges in court and had them dismissed 'with prejudice'. I then sued the tribal police for malicious prosecution and civil rights violations in federal court. That case is currently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with details available at:


On the day of this video, I wasn't expecting to be stopped at a checkpoint but my camera allowed me to record the details of the stop. A complete write-up of the 2005 incident is available at: