A glimpse of Putin's propaganda from 2006: A Permanent Base Station on the Moon is promised BEFORE than American one, that is by ... 2015!

Below is a translation of the https://lenta.ru/news/2006/01/25/moon presented on lenta.ru news portal:

A Russian base on the moon will be established earlier than American astronauts visit the neighboring celestial body. "Permanent station on the moon, we plan to create it by 2015, and industrial production of the rare isotope, helium-3, will begin by 2020" - said Nikolai Sevastyanov, Head of the State rocket and space corporation "Energy".

Sevastyanov also said there would be created a specific space shuttle "Clipper" by 2015, with the help of which Moon missions will be carried out. Intermediate target for this Russian ship will be the ISS, which, according to the head of the rocket and space corporation, at this point will turn into an international spaceport. In addition to the "Clipper", intended mainly for the transportation of people for construction of a lunar base, a new interorbital tug "Ferry" will also participate.

Helium-3 reserves on the Moon, according to preliminary estimates, amount to millions of tons. It should be no-waste fuel for fusion reactors. In addition to its production, the Russian spacecraft, according to officials, will carry out commercial orders for the delivery of cargo into space.

The presence of helium-3 in the lunar minerals representatives NASA also considered a major reason for the Moon exploration. At the same time the first flight NASA plans to carry out will only be after 2018. It is known that USA remains the only country whose representatives ever visited the Moon - the US space agency sent there 6 manned missions from 1969 to 1972. China and Japan also planned to set up lunar bases, but it is likely to happen in the 2020s.


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