LMFAO! Europe caught pants down! 100-400 mio. 'refugees' expected!!

A study of the 'world food institute' says the devastating privatization policies of African lands by german Africa policies are depriving hundrets of thousands of rurual households and villagers and small economies out of their environment and straight outta the African bush and right into your slum.
The miseralble living conditions in the favelas and informal housing colonies that do not have toilets or sewer but internet will immedeatly reroute these unrooted 'labour force experts' right into Europe.

Estimated amount of first generation dindos europe settlers is estimated a whopping 100-400 million that will reproduce to a 800-900 million after 20 years after arrival outnumbering any white leftovers and leading European mainland right into Civil war, Apartheid or straight out annihilation of whites.


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