Refugee welcome party ends in mass harassment of women

Short news from mentally insane Germany

At the 11/07/15 the Club "Refugees Welcome Bonn e.V." in Bonn/North Rhine-Westphalia gave a welcome party for muslim immigrants. Shortly after the party started the immigrants started to molest, touch and harass the "refugee welcome" women.

The organizers of the party made a loudspeaker paging to the immigrants, asking them kindly to please stop touching the women. But this had not any effect and the immigrants kept on grabbing every women available.

The reaction of the club to that incident was to publish yesterday something like an apology. But only one sentence to the German female guests. The rest of the publication was more about that only a small minority of the immigrants are like that. Also a warning that this behavior should not be generalized for all male immigrants because this could lead to racism.
Well here you can read the whole weiredness on the website of this good-doers: (English text below)


Later on their facebook page they published that only the minority of the men who harrassed women at that party where immigrants. So if it were not the immigrans, who was it? Are the good doing refugee welcome club people are a bunch of women molesters?

Their story was shared in only one day over 1100 times. Thousands of comments flooded in questioning their sense of reality. They deleted every one of them, claiming that all the commenters are Nazis. In their reality good people give mass molesting parties and everyone who questions if that was a good idea is a Nazi, of course.

You can not make this shit up!