Shuttle service by donkey to the shepherds in the mountain

In Europe, between June and October, cattle and sheep are led to the mountain heights to pasture on good grass. Up there the shepherds milk the flocks and make cheese. The European Union mandated standards for cheese making which led to the modernization of the mountain laboratories and also the living quarters for the sheperds. The result was that with new comfort, young people, males and females alike, were interested in the shepherding activity
. Now they can spend some time with their spouse and children come to visit or spend the summer vacation.
This 10mn clip shows two men and their donkeys bringing victuals to the shepherds and coming down with newly made cheese. It's all in French but what is said is not very important. The location is the Pyrénées, the mountain range between France and Spain. The beret worn by one of the men is typical of the region.


By: khamomil (2626.74)

Tags: shepherd, mountain, donkey, cheese making, Pyrénées, tradition

Location: Pau, France