German police suspect knife-attacker was 'Irish'

German police suspect knife-attacker was 'Irish'

Published: 25 Jun 2014 10:05 GMT+02:00 UPDATE:
German authorities said on Wednesday afternoon they were waiting for
confirmation from Irish police that a man who knifed three people before
being killed on a motorway in western Germany on Monday was an Irishman
recently released from prison.

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Authorities in
Germany on Wednesday told the Local they had a 'concrete suspicion' of
the man's identity and were waiting for an answer to their fax to Irish
police comparing fingerprints. German police had been earlier also liaising with British about the man.

The Donegal Daily newspaper named the dead man on Wednesday as Enda
McLaughlin. According to the Irish Mirror he was only identified by
documents on him which showed he had been released from Cork Prison. He
has 23 previous convictions for assault and was released from prison on
April 9th. An autopsy was carried out on the body and his
identity is expected to be confirmed later on Wednesday. One of his
victims was still fighting for his life and two others were seriously
hurt. The suspect
in the early hours of Monday morning, said police, when he got into a
taxi in Heerlen, Netherlands and asked to be taken 20 kilometres across
the German border to Aachen. When asked to pay his fare at the
end of the journey, the man stabbed his driver, seriously injuring him,
before fleeing the scene. A few streets away he then approached and demanded money from a passenger who was getting into his car.

"When he didn't give it, he stabbed him several times, seriously
injuring him," said Jost Schützeberg, spokesman for the state prosecutor
in Aachen. Then the man got into another taxi and asked to be taken to Cologne - a journey of 100 kilometres.

On the way he asked the driver to stop at a rest stop on the A4 motorway at Weisweiler and Düren between Aachen and Cologne.

But when the man got out the taxi driver sped off, having been warned of the danger on his radio.

The suspect then attacked again, this time a truck driver from Lithuania who was resting in the motorway car park.

The driver was badly hurt and is now in a life-threatening condition, said Schützeberg.

Finally, the man attempted to cross the A4 motorway on foot, said Schützeberg, but was hit and killed by a passing car.