New ISIS of The Region Kurdish Terrorism: Rise of YPG (PYD)*

*Kurdish terrorists (AKA donkeyfuckers) who were the close ally of Assad Dictatorship, has changed the attitude towards the Syrian Tyrannic regime. Since from the beginning, these kurdish terrorists (AKA donkeyfuckers) have nothing to do with the tragedy in syria. The only thing that they want to make ethnic cleansing of all arabs and christians in the region to establish their satellite state.

Turkey has a long history of experience with these ungrateful terrorist group (AKA donkeyfuckers).

-When Isis were butchering them in Kobane, their families were hosted in Turkey, more than 100k people. These kurdish people were protected against Isis scums.
-When Isis was fucking them in Kobane, Turkey let Barzani forces go to Kobane through turkish soils to help the defence of kobane
-When saddam was testing chemical weapons on them, they were running to the hands of kind turkish nation for their lives.
-Turkey is accepting refugees from PYD controlled areas including this ungrateful kurds as well while western countries dont give a shit about them.

Kurdish terrorism is one of the biggest threat to innocent people in Syria. A new kind of ISIS is currently being created by USA. For sure ISIS will be terminated and USA wants Kurdish terrorists (AKA donkeyfuckers) to be the new Isis of the region.



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