CIA/FBI punks Alex Jones and Alt News with JFK files release?

What do the JFK files really say? Would the FBI and CIA that gets billions and trillions of dollars of tax dollars, and that allegedly runs pyramid schemes, drug trafficking, child sex slavery, toppling of legitimate governments, and other criminal enterprises worldwide, willingly release files unmolested, undiluted, and without utter B.S. not to discredit the real gems hidden within? You can't add a hefty spoonful of complete BS and then say all files of an information dump is all lies, propaganda, and untrue.

The video clip says that Adam Lanza hacked 2 levels of CIA and/or FBI computer encryption. If some supposedly Special Ed zombie can hack their computers, what does that say? The video of "released" documents is a cliché of bad B movies. Watch, enjoy ... you have a mind. Think, research, question authority, and any source of "news".



By: SvenVonErick (1458.52)

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