After the fail test of british journalism ,with the fake cover of "so called Romanian arms dealers" where they showed some hunting riffles and some collection non-functional ak-47,where Ramsay Stuart paid 2 guys coming from a Hungarian-gypsy minority village(they were not even Romanians,ethnically speaking) to portrait as weapons dealers another story shakes the very existence of Fake-Sky-News.
The new published material about Russian mercenaries in Syria is FAKE.One of the guys is an actor
According to Sky News, these individuals said they were recruited by a private military company called the "Wagner" and were brought to Syria aboard Russian military aircraft. For the equivalent of £ 3,000 per month, they were brought amid clashes with rebel factions - including Islamic state, the report shows.
Sky News tells how the company had recruited hundreds of people online, adding that private companies are prohibited in Russia, according to the Constitution - but this is not something that seems to deter those who lead this operation.
NTV television documentary claims turned out to be a hoax and that the alleged mercenary Dmitri is actually an actor named Alexander Agapov, which would have been paid for the interview and should be written before the speech text.
In turn, RIA Novosti announced that actor Alexander Agapov, who played the mercenary Russian Dmitry Sky News documentary about the war in Syria, believed that playing in a feature film, not a material misinformation.
Agapov said he does not understand why this publication do. "The British press is certainly ill," he concluded.
Sky News's press service told RIA Novosti that supports documentary about Syria and its contents confirmed by several sources

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By: Astilean Adrian (799.70)

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