GENE ROSEN of SANDY HOOK - Masonic Connections, Conflicting Stories (X-Ray Ultra Studios) exposes the inconsistent
narratives which Gene Rosen has told to the media, and investigates the
man's deep connections to secret societies. Under close scrutiny, Gene's stories do not add up. At times, he is even unsure of how many boys and girls there were amongst the 6 kids he allegedly took into his home that morning. Not only does Gene live down
the street from one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the US (which also
happens to be located directly in back of the Sandy Hook school), but
Eugene's family are high-level Free Masons. Given that we have helicopter footage of police chasing an armed man through the woods which lead to the secret society's headquarters, a few questions naturally arise.

Mainstream media outlets
like CNN/ have tried to label Sandy Hook "truthers" as harassing Mr.Rosen somehow, when all we
want to know is the TRUTH: Why did his stories change so many times? Why are the mainstream media pundits silent on his conflicting accounts? Law enforcement officials should be looking into this matter! This shooting appears to have been carried out by a team of
tactical officers, not a scrawny autistic child. I base this alternative
theory on evidence of multiple shooters at
the scene (the "Camo" man detained in the woods, police scanner reports of a maroon van with back window shot out, etc etc). Americans better start asking the tough questions, or we're going to see another one of these play
itself out on camera soon, and our government will continue to exploit these events for their own agenda...

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