TANKS IN ACTION - 28/08/1961

Bovington, Dorset.

L/S of a World War I tank travelling up an earthy ridge in a demonstration area; M/S as the tank comes over the top of the ridge and comes to a halt; two carrier pigeons are released from tank as commentator explains they were used to relay information from tanks in the First World War.

Various shots of other tanks travelling over the earthy terrain: a Conqueror, a Ferret Mark II (scout car), a Centurion tank, a Saladin armoured car.

L/S of a bridge being lowered into place as commentator tells us this is a display by the Royal Armoured Corps. More shots of tanks moving over the demonstration ground; intercut with M/Ss of young boys and officers (Royal Armoured Corps?) watching.

The bridge we saw being lowered is in put into position and a Centurion tank crosses it. M/Ss of the young boys running towards one of the stationary tanks to look at it and climb on it. M/S of one of the soldiers explaining to a group of boys how the gun on the tank works; L/S of several tanks and army trucks with boys climbing over them and talking to the soldiers.