Here’s What Mom-Of-6 Looked Like After Muslim Convert Got Done With Her

With the left continuously boasting that the religion of Islam is a generally “tolerant” and “peaceful” one, it seems that members of the ideology are intent on proving them wrong. That notion becomes especially clear after seeing what a mother-of-6 looks like after a Muslim convert got done with her.

The incident took place in Southampton, Hampshire of England as Carla Whitlock, 37, was outside the Turtle Bay bar and restaurant when chaos erupted. According to reports, Carla’s boyfriend Matty, who was with her at the time, noticed two men and began shouting that she had repeatedly reported the duo to police for harassment.

That’s when tragedy struck.

You see, those two men were brothers Billy Midmore, 22, and Geoffrey Midmore, 26. As it turns out, Billy, who also goes by the name Billal Kidd ­Mujahideen, had just converted to Islam and was apparently taking the mindset rather seriously.

Without warning, one of the men whipped out about 200ml of corrosive acid and splashed it across Carla’s face resulting in immediate and agonizing screams. The liquid immediately blinded the woman and began to eat away at her face as onlookers struggled to help in any way they could.

Since that time, reports, “Doctors fear that she may be permanently blinded in her right eye and she will have to stay in hospital for up to two months for treatment on horrific burns to her eyes, face, neck and arms.” The boys immediately went on the run with surveillance cameras showing the two laughing and smiling with one another just a short distance away from where the attacks took place.

It seems that Geoff may have actually held some remorse over the incident as just 6 hours later, he posted to social media that he’d done something terrible. “I’ve done something really f****** bad it’s a really mad ting sad ting,” he wrote at the time. Just a few minutes later, a secondary post came as he questioned, “What have I done[?]”

“I can’t see anything at the moment [in the future] I am just trying to concentrate on getting my sight back and my face to clean up a little bit. That’s all I can really think about,” Carla explained as she was recovering in the hospital. “I am OK, my partner is helping me a lot. I am trying to manage the best I can.”

Since then the Midmore brothers have been captured with reporting:

Geoffrey Midmore has been charged with grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent and conspiracy to commit GBH with intent. His brother has been charged with conspiracy to commit GBH with intent, Hampshire Constabulary said.

The Midmore brothers caught smiling on surveillance cameras just moments after the attack

It’s good to see these two animals will be behind bars where they belong, but it really doesn’t speak in terms of justice when looking at the fate Carla was involuntarily dealt. This woman is going to suffer for the rest of her life, both physically and psychologically on account of her treatment at the hands of Muslims and Islamic ideology. With evidence like this pouring in daily, it’s honestly a wonder to me how anyone could still speak in defense of the utterly barbaric religion.