2013 Abu Dahbi Combat Club (ADCC) Championships

ADCC is the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world even eclipsing the jiu jitsu worlds (Mundials) in Long Beach California.

This no gi (grappling without a kimono) competition includes competitors from all over the world from multiple disciplines (Brazilian jiu jitsu, Russian combat Sambo, Judo, catch wrestling, etc.).

The video features highlights from Andre Galvao vs Braulio Estima Super fight, Kron Gracie, JT Torres, Rubens Charles "Cobrinha", Keenan Cornelius, Dean Lister, Romulo Barral, Joao miyao, Rafael Lovato JR, Rickson Gracie, Mario Sperry, Fabio Gurgel, Benson Henderson, Vinny Magalhaes, Eddie Bravo, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida, Otavio Souza and the ADCC Absolute Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abrue. Also The Mendes bros Rafael and Gui Mendes, Gabi Garcia, Penny Thomas, Clark Gracie and many many more of the top Grappling athletes in the world. I hope you all enjoy this.