Escape from the 'grind'

My most recent addition to the home-made skydiving musical-interlude series...for fellow DZ lurkers, LL friends and for those who enjoy such things or may be considering taking the plunge themselves. :)

About the title...people ask, "Why do you jump?"...a common theme that all skydivers mention is the sense of 'freedom' that is felt when jumping, freedom from your own thoughts, because your mind is focused exclusively on what you are doing, to the point that none of life's concerns, aka the daily 'grind', can intrude. For all the potential negative outcomes that accompany skydiving, there are many benefits also, all in the realm of the mind, that are carried over to many aspects of your life. Overcoming fear that paralyzes, learning self control and building confidence are just a few. Camaraderie, friendships and working as a team with people of all ages and professions are bonuses. We jump because we can, and it's a riot. :) Hope you enjoy!


By: widerstand (1030.94)

Tags: liveleakers, Skydiving, skydive, parachute, Atmosphair, Quebec City

Location: Saint-Jean-Chrysostome Aerodrome, Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QC G6Z, Canada