Doctor got 4 years on rape charge after injecting semen into female patient's vagina

He has been using semen as one of the ingredients in his home made medicine for 10 years but was arrested after one of his female patients found some semen was left in her vagina. People argue that he didn't engage in any sexual activity and semen is a legitimate element in Chinese medicine.

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To Yin Anxue, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter

Guangxi is an associate professor, "semen" mixing western medicine doctor female patients Procuratorate accused for the crime of "compulsory indecent women", the Court of First Instance ruled rape! Due to the "semen" caused this rape, let the folk remedies fate again interesting.

August 25, 2010, Marin for a recipe with semen, to treat patients with a woman the next day after being arrested on suspicion of rape.

Reporters learned that the investigation of the case is: Marin, a fellow Zhao, after listening to his health lectures to introduce his girlfriend Wang Juan (a pseudonym) with Marin understanding, said she had gynecological diseases, Marin to help her treatment .

Marin remedies treatment several female patients, colleagues, friends, all free of charge. Zhang customized care bed in the living room, two brackets the end of the bed, the patient lying on the bed, the two legs on a shelf, easy to will Zhiyin massage therapy.

B-ultrasound, Marin Juan fungal infections lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. In accordance with previous practice, Marin gave her a meridian points of care. Juan felt good results, and again several times. On the afternoon of August 25, 2010, Juan again to do health care bed, Marin acupuncture point is to give her to do Zhiyin care, they will Zhiyin applicator with a cotton swab.

At the time, Zhao Juan boyfriend is not here, inside to Juan coated prescriptions, Marin semen.

Marin said in confessions, due to careless handling, applicator, a very small amount of drugs cited are brought into Juan's vagina. Marin and do not mind a little wipe, and he felt the medicine-alcohol disinfection inactivated sterilization, and what issues are. However, the toilet vagina liquid Juan learned questioning Marin the drug solution components of semen that Marin raped her.

The next day, Marin drug delivery to Juan, and subsequently was arrested.

However, the prosecution believes, is having sex without sufficient evidence to be confirmed, formulations, methods of treatment Marin excuse, "Although there is no scientific basis, but there is no evidence to rule out the possibility of reasonable only conclusion can not be drawn."

Marin feel a clear conscience. In October of that year, he again dispensing with their own semen, treatment of gynecological diseases for a female colleague.

March 18, 2011, Marin again arrested, South Ning Qingxiu District Prosecutor's Office accused him of committing the crime of "compulsory indecent women". On July 23 this year, the South Ningqing Xiu District Court of First Instance decision, contrary to the expectations of both defense and prosecution, the prosecution of the charges neither adopted nor mining Na Malin pleaded not guilty, but finds that Juan statement authentic judgment Marin constitute the crime of rape and sentenced to four years' imprisonment.