Scottish Road rage - the bikers view

"Guy shouted at me first, not knowing what for try getting him to pull over and have a shout off the road and let off some steam, I didn't know I was going to be attacked he also blocked my view of the roundabout so I couldn't pull away in time also there was traffic coming. The reason I went back round to his side of the vehicle is because I though he may get a wepon from his car at how enraged he was and also my bike was lay on the ground so I couldn't exactly run or ride away if he did come at me with a wepon!

The cam has a 3 min buffer, the other 40 seconds is me sitting at a red light but I filtered the left hand side along zigzags witch now I realize or think its illegal and this is why he has done it, along with the fact I filtered and car drivers hate it."



By: atiske (867.44)

Tags: road rage, scotland, biker, westfield, roundabout

Location: Falkirk, UK

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