LeDuff: Detroit police chief trimming mayor's Executive Protection Unit

DETROIT (WJBK) -There were 30 shootings and four homicides this last weekend in Detroit. One of the problems is there are not enough cops. So you might be interested to know that Mayor Dave Bing has 20 officers on his Executive Protection Unit, which also guards his wife.

20 cops is enough to patrol an entire precinct.

Bing cut out early for lunch Tuesday chauffeured by a couple of cops. When he arrived at Mario's restaurant, there was another cop there waiting for him.

I wanted to talk to Bing, but after waiting nearly an hour and a half, I had to go. Work needed to be done.

I was even told that earlier this year when the governor was driving up to the Mackinac convention with his family, they had to pull aside to let the mayor's three car motorcade pass.

All of this is about to change because we found out that the new chief of police is going to cut the unit down to size, leaving Bing with just six officers beginning next week.

"The core work is the cop in the white car responding to calls for service in a uniform, and so everything beyond that is supportive in nature. We support the patrol work. That's most important, and as we move forward with our restructuring, we're going to put a great deal of emphasis on the precinct level," said Police Chief James Craig.

Six officers isn't so bad. That's what the mayor of Los Angeles gets. In fact, the emergency manager of Detroit only has five officers assigned to him.

"There are two with me during the day. They rotate for a total of five," said Kevyn Orr.

The city would have saved $9 million if it had done this all along. That money could've been used to purchase more than 150 squad cars, 51 ambulances or 18 fire trucks.

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