If a paid Russian troll was transported through time to Germany, 1939

Beulah McDillycutty, Texas:

"I support Reich Chancellor Hitler because he is the smartest leader, better than that cripple Dumbo 'President' Roosevelt who is too stupid to rescue AmeriCAN'T from the Depression. The Fuhrer has a 99% approval rating. What is the approval rating of Neville Chamberlain?! You Deutscher-phobes hate Hitler because he is the only one capable of standing up to Western capitalism & the Jew. Because of Hitler, the German economy is now stronger than ever. Austria & Czechoslovakia have wisely switched to using the German Mark & that scares the West. The petro-pound will collapse soon while the Mark will only increase in value.

How can the West even criticize Germany when Great Britain is ruled by a KING? Whatabout British terrorism, such as World War 1? They overthrew the legitimate leader of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II, after killing tens of millions of Native Europeans!

The 1.5 million panzer-vacationeers held a referendum & the West should respect that. Let the people of Silesia & Danzig choose their Lebensraum. If the Pole minority wants to remain living in Poland, they can ethnically cleanse themselves back to it.

The League of Nations sanction Germany for annexing ancient German land, but what do they say about the British EMPIRE? More like League of ZIONISTS. Read The Protocols of Zion if you don't believe me."

Jean-Pierre de Paris, Paris:

"The Polish junta started all of this by attacking Volk in Danzig just because they spoke German. Prussians are but simple coal miners & truck drivers defending their homeland, while the fascist Polacks prepare Blitzkrieg.

Remember when Western media claimed invisible "U-boats" violated their waters & sank their ships? Allied propaganda lies like this all the time. I trust Himmler & German state press to question more and tell me what is really happening.

There is no proof the Wehrmacht is invading. The Waffen SS can't control what their Schutzstaffel do on vacation. Those Aryan volunteers & freedom fighters liberated those Panzer IIIs & MP-40s from the Polack invaders. Wake up, sheeple! Why would Germany want a war on 2 fronts?

Hitler personally rebuilt the Wehrmacht because the West seeks to surround them with the Maginot Line. Think about who benefits from global war. This is all part of the international capitalists' plan to divide Germany & take its resources.

The West has always wanted to start World War 2 & if they do they will lose because German technology is better. By 1945, the West will disintegrate & the Reich will last for a thousand years."

Heinrich Dorkenheimer, Berlin:

"Heil, Hitler!"