10 packets of ciggies & tobacco banned in U.K.FULL VIDEO

Packets of 10 cigarettes, Pouches 10-15 Grams of tobacco as well as the 1/2 Oz which is £6 for 12.5Grams although we all know a half ounce is over 14 grams but the fuckers have been getting away with that for years.

Anyway the reason for the ban is to try and stop youngsters taking up smoking. Once again another war on drugs will fail miserably because although you can buy fake Ciggies or tobacco thats been brought from abroad it gets sold on the street for half the price but the thing is will this ban you will get people selling some real nasty tobacco from China disguised as Marlborough etc and those fakes contain even worse cancer causing toxins in them.

Im asking you folks if you think this will work and will kids just stop ?
Thoughts please.


By: Bawdeep (1013.70)

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