Meet the man who claims he has CRACKED the code of the Zodiac Killer (and his identity)

Last updated at 8:18 PM on 22nd July 2011
A Massachusetts man says he has solved something that has boggled authorities for 40 years - the writings of a notorious murderer.
Known as the Zodiac Killer, the unknown subject killed at least seven people and terrorized California’s Bay Area in the late 60s.
The high-profile crimes were made more mysterious by the cryptic writings the killer sent to local newspapers.

Solved: The 340-character note from the infamous Zodiac Killer (left) was unsolved for more than 40 years - until Corey Starliper (right) claimed he got it
Now, Corey Starliper, of Tewksbury, says he has solved those writings.
Mr Starliper, 27, who admits he's ‘extraordinarily consumed’ in the case, spent nine hours working on the code.
He told 'I found it exciting, that I was actually able to get into his head when nobody had for over 40 years.'

Killer's writing? Corey Starliper displays what he says is the accurate solution to the Zodiac Killer's codeThe first cipher, which appeared three parts sent to three newspapers in August of 1969, contained 408 characters.
It took just a few days for a history teacher and his wife to solve it.
Mr Starliper said: ‘The first code was cracked by amateurs. So they figure that any communication after that would be able to be cracked by amateurs.'
So he began to work on the most famous - and unsolved - code, a 340-character cipher mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper on Nov. 8, 1969.
'The first one was cracked by a history teacher and his wife,' said Starliper.
'What I’m driving at was the first code was cracked by amateurs. So they figure that any communication after that would be able to be cracked by amateurs.'
Starliper’s interest in the infamous killer was sparked by Zodiac, the movie about the murders.
The 2007 film starred Jake Gyllenhaal, Marc Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.
It was based on the writings of Robert Graysmith, who scribed two books about the case.

Tracking a killer: Jake Gyllenhaal starred in 1997's Zodiac as Robert Graysmith, who wrote the book that the film was based onWhen all was said and done, Mr Starliper came up with the following:

Mr Starliper said the name 'Leigh Allen' refers to Arthur Leigh Allen, who was listed as the prime suspect at one point, but never arrested.
But a handwriting expert determined the scrawls of the killer were not the same as Allen’s, who also passed a lie detector test.
Despite that evidence, Robert Graysmith maintained in his writings that Allen was indeed the killer, and Mr Starliper agrees.
He said: 'Leigh Allen, in that situation, was forcing his handwriting to look different from the way that he normally wrote.'
Mr Allen died in 1992 at the age of 58.
After completing his work, Mr Starliper tried to reach out to Bay Area authorities to report his findings, but it wasn't well-received.
After little success contacting Solano, Vallejo, and Napa counties, he tried the San Francisco Cold Case and Special Investigative Units.
But he got no response.
Disappointed, he said: 'It’s disheartening to know that the authorities have basically shut the door on it.'

Prime suspect: Arthur Leigh Allen was the only person named in connection to the Zodiac Killer investigation, but he was never charged


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