Is Facebook out to get you? Five stories to make you think about changing your privacy settings...


Interesting article - just thought I would share!

I’ve recently changed my Facebook ‘name’ to a nondescript ‘average
Joe’ moniker. My posts and all images are all set to ‘friends’ or ‘only
me’. I have deleted all cover photos that show my face, and am prepared
to deactivate my account.

Why? Because that currently protects millions of users.

Here are five real-life (yes, these actually happened and could you be next?!) scenarios which may just persuade you into tightening your Facebook privacy settings.

1. Someone screenshots your name and profile picture and uses it to

2. Someone finds your address, contact details, your place of work, and stalks you, or;amp;id=8827573.

3. to the point where you commit suicide. She then brags about it, on Facebook.

4. Someone stalks you to the point where they g Imagine all the strangers who’ve looked at your profile.

Chillingly, in this case the girl had unwittingly added the stranger as
a Facebook friend in a process known as ‘catfishing’ – he had access to
all her posts and photos.