CAtjuggler and the involvment with SCOLLA part 5

Well, this is the final chapter.

Thanks to all for watching them, and for the words of support.

At this time I would like to ask all of the members of Liveleak, and especially the yoursay folks, to bow their heads for about 30 seconds and give some thought energy to BigDawg1888 in hopes he returns. I have spoken with him and BEGGED for him to return, and promised him on my part that I will never again utter the word "scolla" (after that one right there) and let this all hopefully die in peace. As it should have some time ago. So please do throw out a few positive energy thoughts his way, and also please do not drive Mrs.Peach nuts by asking her about the situation. She is kind of caught in the middle as go between.

I truly do have the best hopes and wishes for the yoursay section to return to normal. And the rest of liveleak will follow... because after all...


Cheers to everyone!


By: Ghost_of_CJ (38.20)

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