I kept getting stopped in Yuma for no reason at all. Then in
September 2014 I was stopped by a cop while riding my skate board.
Started out like the other times with
"what are you doing around here, where you coming from, and where you
going " (I'm black) and when I asked if I was being detained the cop
said I fit the description of a breaking and entering suspect and
detained me while continually demanding my name. I hadn't done anything
wrong and wouldn't tell him my name. I don't trust these cops after all
the continued stops for no reason. Then I was accused of having a
warrant, and finally I was arrested and when they got my name and
realized I haven't even had a traffic ticket the pissed off cop charged
me with not providing my real name which carries a penalty of up to
$1,400.00 fine and 4 months in jail. I plead not guilty, turned down a
plea offer and ready for trial when the cop failed to provide evidence
requested by my attorney and the prosecutor resulting in my case being
dismissed by the prosecutor. The cop couldn't provide the required
evidence without perjuring himself.
I'm now trying to find an attorney in Yuma that would take my case to
the next level in a civil suit on a contingency basis for violating my
civil rights for profiling and unlawful detainment.