Rosatom signs contract with U.S. on Russian nuclear fuel testing

JSC TVEL, the fuel company of Russia’s State Atomic Energy
Corporation Rosatom has signed with a U.S. nuclear power plant operator
the first contract on testing Russia’s TVS-Kvadrat nuclear fuel, Rosatom
said in a release on July 19.

TVEL Vice President Oleg Grigoryev said in May that
the first Russian test nuclear fuel assemblies TVS-K would be loaded
into U.S. reactors in 2018. The World Nuclear News portal reported
previously that Russia and the United States would create a strategic
alliance to introduce Russia’s TVS-K type nuclear fuel to the U.S.
market of nuclear power plants. This requires an approval from the U.S.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

To date, Russia accounts for 17 percent of the
world’s fuel market for nuclear power plants and fully meets the fuel
needs of 76 power reactors in Russia and 14 other countries, including
Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine,
Armenia and China. TVEL’s annual export volumes exceed $1 billion.


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