Woman spends three minutes trying to reverse along UK country lane

This was the motoring mishap where a driver had to reverse for three minutes after being diverted down a narrow country lane with lots of oncoming vehicles.

Dashcam footage captured on May 16 shows the driver on a narrow country lane in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, UK.

After being unable to pass the filmer's car and more traffic piling up behind, the driver started to reverse with appalling quality.

The filmer told Newsflare: "[An] accident on the main road in Redbourn diverts traffic down a single track lane.

"With more cars stacking up behind my car, the oncoming traffic offered to reverse.

"Little did they (or us) know, but the lady in the white car - she was ever so sweet, and a lot embarrassed - had missed the reversing lesson whilst doing her driving test!"



By: NewsFlare (80718.00)

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