Where Is the Gold? Is It Being Manipulated? Did USA Steal Germany’s Gold? Insiders Talk, Video

The following video is braver than what The History Channel normally does. It looks into a story that is normally censored. The taboo story is that there is no hard evidence that the USA’s Fort Knox has anywhere near the gold that the government claims.Even further Germany is trying to get back their nation’s gold from New York vaults and they can not get it. That is the first sign of a Ponzi scheme.
The schemer delays and delays giving investors all their money back, after asked.Then only gives them part, because it no longer exists. Germany has been trying for years to get their gold back. So far they have only got 10%, way behind schedule. Maybe more ominous is that the Federal Reserve refuses to let them even see it in New York. It is hard to think of a reason for that, unless it is not there. We give the History Channel an A+ for this documentary. It is uncensored, interesting and important to the average American.The 2nd video delves into the Germany issue solely.Both videos and story Here: http://aun-tv.com/2015/07/where-is-the-gold-is-it-being-manipulated-did-usa-steal-germanys-gold-insiders-talk-video/ .

For more info on whether gold can be manipulated, this story shows it was by the CIA as part of the strategy to defeat the Soviet Union. http://aun-tv.com/2014/09/is-gold-price-manipulated-the-london-gold-pool-and-how-the-soviet-union-was-defeated/