Chilling Video: Oakland cops release video of deadly parking spat...

Oakland police released chilling surveillance video Wednesday showing how a man's inadvertent "nudging" of another car while parking led to his being killed a few days before Christmas.

The video doesn't depict the actual Dec. 22 slaying of Charles Butler Jr., 23, of Oakland, but what it does show is how "senseless" his killing is, given that he had inadvertently tapped a parked car, said Officer Johnna Watson, Oakland police spokeswoman.

"Witnesses told us it was accidental," Watson said. "That's really the tragedy about this shooting. He was shot and killed over the fact that he accidentally bumped into the car in front of him. And it was a very light — it barely touches the car. You can see in the video that it's not like a huge impact. There's no indication that it was intentional."

The video shows Butler pulling up quickly to a market near 46th and West streets in his car just as a young man exits the store. Butler puts his car in reverse and maneuvers his vehicle in between two parked cars. As Butler moves his car forward, it lightly hits the car parked in front of it — a four-door dark green or black 1990s Lexus LS 400 which happens to belong to the man who just walked out of the store. That man is seen in the video raising his hands in a "what gives" gesture. A man is sitting in the passenger seat of the car that was hit.

Butler went in the store, where he was confronted by the passenger. The driver of the Lexus that was hit leaves in the car. Butler also drives away, but witnesses later told police that the passenger followed Butler on foot, was picked up the driver and that the two shot Butler in his car a few blocks away.

Butler had graduated from a Merchant Marine program. His organs were donated.

A person of interest was arrested in the case earlier this year but was released, Watson said. She asked anyone who recognizes the assailants or their vehicle or has tips in the case to call police at (510) 238-3821