All the Best Views of the Boston Fake Bombing - Anniversary - Site #1

Boston Marathon "Bombing" Anniversary Special!

If you only saw the Boston Fake Bombing on the government controlled networks, you never saw what really happened! Here are the best close-ups and different angles, enhanced for the very best quality possible. Watch the antics of Crisis Actors' back stage outtakes. While not a comprehensive collection yet, this one is sure to entertain.

Preserved for all posterity, who will hopefully not have to deal with the criminal infestation of government that we do presently. Pray for the People of Boston, that they may soon be rid of their evil parasitic police, EMTs, and politicians - ALL who participated or condoned that ludicrous attempt to rule by chicanery and fear. Then and ONLY then - free of these madmen and frauds - will it be "Boston Strong" once more.

Sincere thanks to the many dedicated individuals who helped preserve to truth for the benefit of others... many without any compensation, other than our undying gratitude.


More on control through staged violence:

ZERO SHRAPNEL - FBI Lies About the Boston "Bombs" --

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