Greece: Anarchists interrupt television news broadcast.

A group of about 20 anarchists/antiauthoritarians invaded Tuesday night the television studios of ERT where the Communist Party MP Liana Kanelli was invited in tribute for 50 years from the first broadcast television signals in Greece. The anarchists demanded to read a text and, according to MP, injured a worker of ERT. Eventually the group withdrew and the Police made 22 arrests.

The group then posted the following text:
January 5, 2015, SYRIZA wins the elections, nurturing the hope that the agreements signed in previous years are now past. They had promised to "rip the memorandum" and a new era would rise to the sorely tried people of the policies of the previous power managers. Over time however, all those hopes have been proven illusory, and thus, after the June 2015 referendum, the SYRIZA / ANEL government signed a new, more onerous deal with the "institutions". So called international moneylenders, have once again demonstrated the historical role of Social Democracy, which is nothing else than the management of the system for the benefit of the capitalists, projecting parallel, a supposedly people friendly face to mitigate the reactions of the dominated and financially weak.

In this new agreement very harsh measures were included, which have come to give the final blow to any rights and conquests left to the subordinated. A social group especially crushed by the political understandings and "rescue plans" is the pensioners. In previous years the state instituted pension cuts under the guise of necessary reduction of public expenditure, but in reality the money cut was given to the oligarchs of the banks. And now once again the pensions are the area where the government will put the knife to cut. Indicatively regarding EKAS, provide for the progressive abolition of a measure that only affects low income.

Any promises made by the bill rapporteurs for allegedly increasing pensions in the future, are outweighed by the economic situation. Within this, the icing on the cake that comes to serving the government, is to increase the retirement age, as well as the elimination through special arrangements of cases of early retirement, due to special circumstances. It is no coincidence that the only social partner in line with government policy is the Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the state, whatever the power manager, is the removal of momentum through struggles and sacrifices, social security and its replacement by private insurance. Something that will bring new profits for capitalists, but will worsen the position of workers who if they are to have a good pension they will have to pay for private insurance. So decent pension now becomes a pipe dream. The SYRIZA / ANEL government people friendly profile foisted through political marketing, serves only the interests of the economically powerful . Thus, in parallel with the changes of the pension system it takes other brutal measures such as auctions of first-time buyers , continuous bleeding of economically weak through direct taxes such as the property Tax or indirect taxation through the maintenance of high levels VAT.All this, once again, confirms the fact that the State is an instrument that always serves the interests of the powerful, of those in power. As if named managers of state power, from wherever they come, the only aim is the smooth operation and maintenance of the existing system. State repression - criminalization of subversive political action acknowledge heightened repression (police and judicial) from the side of the supposedly left government SYRIZA, as an attempt to give evidence docility to the local and supranational bosses, but also as a wink to the conservative part of the voters.

Briefly highlight a few events such as:
· Blackmail of imprisoned fighters to sign repentance statements to obtain the holiday permits they deserve.
· DNA samples was forcibly taken from detainees and those persecuted for political action.
· Prosecution, trials amd detention of relatives of political prisoners to be forced to soften their attitude and their word.
· Regrouping of the infamous Delta group, which is responsible for dozens of injuries and torture of citizens with green uniforms this time and under the codename Group O.
· Direct threats from prosecutors to the Rubicon members that they face charges of criminal organization if they continue their actions.

Migrants and the "refugee issue" According to our reading of things refugee issue is not self-existent. Millions of refugees from Syria in the last five years came to add to the millions of refugees from other parts of the world and particularly in the poorest countries is a consequence of the choices of capitalist actors on the international chessboard. The most acute problem is the wars, civil or inter-State, which create refugees; another problem is also the systematic exploitation of areas and people living in them by global capitalism, which has contributed over the years to maintain a nearly constant inflow of economic refugees - immigrants to the so-called western world ... Generally we recognize that no human who lives in peace and prospers in a place wishes to start into the unknown unless they are pushed, either from want or bombs.

For us the only plausible separation that exists is among those who exploit and those who are exploited and our position is clearly the second place. The ruling class of Europe is well aware of these games, as the colonial era is not far away. The influence and power games of Europeans, Americans, Russians and Turks are factors supporting the war - or even war climate - from Diyarbakir Turkey to the mountains of Afghanistan and furtjer as back as Palestine. The efforts of the Greek political leadership supposedly with European hawks to manage the influx of refugees could be called laughable if it did not affect people's lives. The Greek state finally will play the role of border guard under the watchful eye of frontex and NATO.

For us the challenge is what will make the Greek society, all of us collectively, to manage the refugee issue by bringing the arrayof problems created by the capitalist crisis which continues to rage. At this point and where things stand now, there are no easy solutions. The first case, which we put forward is to integrate and recognize refugees and migrants as instrumental pieces of our society and together with them to set up a multiform pluralistic movement against capitalism, finance and state power that expresses our interests. The other case is to fortify behind nationalist dictates calls like the "protection of the homeland" and "preservation of the border" giving in to fascism and intolerance, until we or our children become "foreigners" and "others" in another, distant place, chased by our own choices. Our answer: Ciminal and Terrorists are the capitalists and judges Intolerant fight against state terrorism.

Not one inch back
Anarchist Group Rubicon Anarchist Collectivism New Philadelphia


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