T.G. Lee Dairy founder's Grandson Spends One Day in Jail After Double Vehicular Homicide. Laughs During Apology to Widower

From WESH 2 Orlando.

ORLANDO, Fla. —An Orlando man who www.wesh.com/traffic/fhp-man-runs-stop-sign-kills-two-people was sentenced to one day in the Orange County Jail.

Thomas Gilbert Lee II pleaded no contest to two counts of vehicular homicide on Thursday.
In 2013, Lee ran a stop sign on County Road 13 at Fifth Street and slammed into a van. Katherine Townsend, 36, and her son John, 9, died the day after the crash at the hospital.

Townsend's young daughter, Emma Jane, survived the crash, but still goes to therapy.

"We've got a long road ahead of us to travel. This doesn't end today,” said John Townshend, Katherine Townsend's husband.

Lee gave an emotional apology to Townsend’s husband, who was in court for the sentencing hearing.

"I'm just so sorry for you,” Lee said. "Any time you want, you have a free punch. Any time you want."

In addition to one day in jail, Lee was also sentenced to 10 years of supervised probation and 1,000 hours of community service, in which he is to give speeches arranged by the victims' family on distracted driving.

His license will also be suspended for four years, and he will only be allowed to drive for business purposes for two years after that.

He will be required to pay more than $160,000 in restitution to help the surviving victim with therapy and school.

"I think everything was structured to do what was best for Emma Jane, and that's what we're going to have to just focus on right now. I'm not going to get angry over whatever decisions are made. I have to move on with my life,” said John Townsend.

Lee's probation could be terminated after five years if he complies will all the orders of the court.

Lee faced a maximum sentence of 30 years behind bars.

Lee is the grandson of T.G. Lee, who founded T.G. Lee Dairy, Central Florida's largest dairy company. T.G. Lee is based in Orlando and distributes products throughout Florida.

As a part of the plea deal, Lee will also have to notify a probation officer when he travels. However, the probation officer will not have to be with him.