Data from 4 Million credit cards stolen in the US

Date: March 31 2008

Credit Card Security

A Message from Hannaford President and CEO Ron Hodge

Dear Customer:

Recently, Hannaford announced what security experts tell us was a novel and sophisticated attack on our computer network that resulted in the theft of certain credit and debit card numbers. I want to apologize for the concern and inconvenience this has caused you.

We have stopped this theft and brought in top security experts to help us guard against any further attacks.

Meanwhile, we want to remind customers:

* If you used a debit or credit card at Hannaford between December 7, 2007 and March 10, 2008, your card number may have been exposed. No personal data such as names or addresses were accessed or obtained.
* Carefully review your financial institution and credit card statements beginning with December?s statement. Contact your credit card company or issuing bank with concerns about suspicious charges.
* Though policies and practices of financial institutions vary, consumers in general are protected against unauthorized transactions as long as the charges can be verified as fraudulent and are reported within the required time period. Some customers may experience extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses associated with card replacement, which we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.
* Financial institutions will make their own decisions about appropriate actions, which may include reissuing new cards or putting the card numbers on alert for fraud.
* It is important to know that no one from Hannaford or from any financial institution will ever contact a customer to verify personal or account information over the phone or Internet.
* At the time of this potential exposure, Hannaford was certified to be in compliance with the highest security standards required by the credit card industry.
* For more information or with questions, please call our Customer Information Center at (866) 591-4580.

Hannaford works every day to deliver value and offer a reliable, convenient shopping experience. We are profoundly sorry the system attack worked against this mission. We want you to know that this event only serves to strengthen our commitment to you.

Thank you for shopping with Hannaford. We look forward to serving you today and in the years ahead.


Ronald C. Hodge