Code Pink protests renewed US war in Iraq

On the 11th of August, Code Pink staged a protest in front of the White House demanding an end to renewed US bombing in Iraq. Nobody trusts Obama with this anymore than George W Bush, and the US is known to fight for geopolitical influence and oil, not for human rights or to rescue refugees. We shall see when all the Yasizi refugees are off that beseiged mountain position in Iraq what Obama's true intentions are with this war.None of us thought in 1990 that we would still be protesting the Iraq War 24 years later!

Already there are statements from Obama about fighting to "deny Islamic State a haven" but only if Maliki, whose sectarian rule propelled Islamic State to prominance, steps down from office. Clearly that is a mission far bigger than rescuing people from a siege. Speaking of sieges, Obama has been called a hypocrite for supporting Israel's siege of Gaza while opposing Islamic State's similar siege of the Yasizis. While Obama has been bombing and talking of but denying plans for wider war, it's Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who have been choppering some refugees off the mountain and securing the route for over 40,000 more to escape on foot.