Immigrant Crime in Berlin at crisis levels in some areas

Middle-eastern and African immigrants are terrorizing native citizens with violence, theft, harassment, and rape.

Liberals and Political Correctness proponents have equipped these immigrants with a perpetual Get-out-of-Jail-Free card by attacking any critizism or concern about immigrant behavior and labeling it as xenophobia and racism. This strategy will and already is doing a misservice to immigrants as their crimes are becoming more and more difficult to hide from the public and international eye, resulting in a rise of vigilantism.

The native Europeans have been betrayed by their governments and robbed of their voices.

it would be a discerning opinion that concludes vigilantism will only become more and more frequent until it is rife around Europe. Liberals and the Liberal media will have a lot to answer for in 10 years time.


By: Cernunnos (206.30)

Tags: Immigrant, Crime, Berlin, refugees, Germany, Europe

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