Syrian T-55 taking hard hit, commander bails then massive cook-off

I am sure this has been posted prior by some lovely Liveleaker who has me blocked, therefore I never had the opportunity to see it and maybe some of you fine viewers also have not had the chance to see the video. Feel free to link to the original and add more details as to the time and place of the event. Thanks in advance. **Standard Allah Akbar Warning**

This clip shows a Syrian T-55 taking hard hit from what appears to be a recoiless rifles of sorts, showing the tank commander bailing out after the hit then a massive cook-off ensues. Not a good situation to be in. The source I located this from said it was ISIS performing the deed but I suspect that was just BS propaganda giving them props for someone else s hard work.
**Standard Allah Akbar Warning**(you've been notified twice)