Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the holocaust

The last days have being uploaded some historical videos about WWII and about Germany, i thought to upload this video about the Holocaust matter, the Gas chambers controversy raised by Bishop Richard Williamson.
Dont know id someone had already upload this, if so i´m sorry.
First video is some Tv news from 1940 and the Second is Bishop R. Williamson talking about the Gas chamber issues.
The holocaust is the only historical fact that canot have full acess to be study and in some countrys, you´ll be fuck if you denie some events.
Some countrys like Brasil still have to impose laws for people can´t discuss the matter.
my opinion is tht is so rong....what kind of truth is undenieable but need laws for cant be study or discussed.
My aim is Just to debate and comment on this matter...just it.
My truth its not more importante than anyones else.
Keep cool and strong.