New York Schools Close for Two Muslim Holidays.

Writing this post because it seems many people are unaware of the fact that New York Mayor De Blasio has approved the closure of New York public schools to mark the Islamic dates of Eid and Ramadan.
What has happened here? Why can't Muslim students stay home with a note from their parents? Why dumb down western education? The strange thing is that this is the city that experienced 9/11 and is the powerhouse city of the western world but will now churn out more Muslim converts than any other.
What a holiday to choose, Eid, a day off to celebrate a man willing to kill his son by slitting the throats of animals yet schools remain open on 9/11.
Wake up to yourself America, as far as I know even Europeans have not gone this far as yet and De Blasio has given a whole new request for terrorists to ask of other more sensible cities.
What next, ritual slaughter on the street.
Hindus are now calling for their holidays to be observed and at least theirs is not marked with blood and submission.

How many of you were unaware of this?