Just Bad Joke?!

Police reiterates its call for cooperation in connection with the dummy in black clothing and with dummy weapon over the weekend placed in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral of St.. Martin in Bratislava.

Said for TASR regional police spokeswoman Lucia Mihalíková!

On person in black Burqa with AK was alerted police at June 12, 2016 at number 158 shortly before 09:15 AM.(YES Time is correct)

Regional Police in Bratislava Investigate case and searching for potential witness or possible camera records!!!

Police in this regard once again calls on the public to cooperate. "Any information about the offense or the person who placed the dummy.

Place of incident was searched by bomb disposal team with dog trained search for explosives. Police did not find explosives.

The investigator started criminal proceedings concerning an offense restricting freedom of religion.



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