Thai junta initiates campaign to round up ‘war weapons’

The Thai army has initiated a nationwide round up of what it is calling “war weapons”.

These include explosives and grenade launchers, but not registered handguns.

All such arms are to be handed in to designated points before June 10 in a junta-led campaign to clamp down on armed groups from each side of the political divide.

Police said they had seized over 300 weapons by June 5.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, a small group of students gathered outside the Royal Thai embassy in Manila to protest the enforcement of martial law in Thailand.

The Thai military announced it was imposing martial law on May 20 and seized control of the country days later.

In Manila, Thai activists within the group covered their faces with masks.

One masked student said:
“The military should listen to peoples’ criticism. It cannot rule us with bullets and tanks. Thailand will not find peace if the military control the country with guns like this.”

Some of the protesters taped their mouths shut and raised their arms in a “Hunger Games”-style salute, to symbolise rebellion in the face of totalitarian rule.