NC Gov. Pat McCrory Sets Up Hotline To Report Anyone Not Using Correct Bathroom

Just when you think that North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory has reached the limit on stupidity, think again.

Raleigh, NC — At a press conference today, further steps to ensure that his controversial bill,, will be upheld when it comes to law enforcement. McCrory announced that his office has setup a 24-hour hotline for individuals to call if they witness someone not abiding by the new law.

“If you see a woman, who doesn’t look like a woman, using the woman’s restroom, be vigilant, call the hotline, and report that individual.” McCrory told reporters. “We need our state to unite as one if we’re going to keep our children safe from all the sexual predators and other aberrant behavior that is out there.”

“Beginning today, individuals that notice any kind of gender-suspicious activity in the men’s or women’s restrooms are encouraged to call the new ‘HB2 Offender Hotline’,” Horner said. “We encourage North Carolina’s residents to take photographs and report as much detail as possible when calling. With the information gathered from this hotline, we’ll be working closely with local law enforcement agencies to make sure this law is enforced and those who break the law see jail bars. We are sending a clear message to all the transsexuals out there; their illegal actions and deviant behavior will no longer be tolerated in the state of North Carolina.”

Since Governor signed HB2 into law last month, well over 1,000 jobs have been moved out of state, and over 160 companies,,, and, have expressed concern or anger, warning they may move or cancel plans to expand, costing the state millions of dollars. Entertainers such as, Ringo Starr, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and have also canceled their performances in North Carolina to boycott the law. to cancel the All-Star game in North Carolina next year, though as of yet, It is still unclear what kind of an economic impact these boycotts will have on the state’s economy as a whole. that North Carolina has lost in revenue due to boycotts so far.

To report suspicious bathroom activity, North Carolina residents can call the 24-hour ‘HB2 Offender Hotline’ at 1-800-662-7952. For individuals living outside of North Carolina, please call (919) 814-2000.


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