We Wuz Kangs an Sheeeeeiiit

Egyptian man being interviewed on TV goes ballistic about the negroes stealing and claiming to be the REAL Egyptian Kings.... cause dey be Gypshion an Sheeeeeiiit.

Coptic Egyptians on LIVE TV, enraged that African Americans are attempting to claim their history.

These Wannabe "Egyptian" Afro-centrist's whom are for the most part African
"Mixed Negroid" Americans, are living their lives in a pathetic lie
spurred by an inferiority complex to the white man. They are helplessly
trying to disassociate us Egyptians with our ancestors, whom might I
add, never left the situated lands of Ancient Egyptian in their
approximately 3100 dynastic year history. These people are a product of
the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade in West Africa, yet they never for one
second claim their sub saharan west african ancestors. Maybe they are to
embarrassed to claim them and instead to raise their self esteem they
claim our Egyptian ancestors, people revered by even the Europeans.
Contemporary blacks (african Americans), believe such nonsense because
they are desperate to lift their image. Afro-centrist (African
Americans), generally, have little to be racially proud of when so many
of their people have served as nothing more than slaves throughout most
of their miserable history, conducting menial tasks on behalf of their
masters. When one realizes that most Africans were living in the stone
age up until about the mid 20th century, there’s little that’s genuinely
encouraging when one considers their history. These are harsh words,
admittedly, but that does not make them any less true. We must face the
facts as they are and not as we might wish them to be. If you ask me,
these Afro-centrists which are mainly African Americans, are lying out
of an extreme inferiority complex.

I want you black afrocentric racist wannabe egyptians to repeat after me: "I hate science!" "I'm a
wannabe egyptian in denial of his/her west african bantu/forced European roots"" "In 13 January 2012, an exhaustive genetic study of North Africa's human populations was published.The researchers analyzed around 800,000 genetic markers, distributed throughout the entire genome in 125 North African individuals belonging to seven representative populations in the whole region (Saharawi, South Moroccans, North Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians Berbers, Libyans and Egyptians) and the information obtained was compared with the information from the neighboring populations. The data shows that the ancestors of today's North Africans were a group of populations which already lived in the region around thirteen thousand years ago. Henn, BM; Botigué, LR; Gravel, S; Wang, W; Brisbin, A et al. (2012)"



By: Mine Evolved (2302.20)

Tags: Egyptian man going ballistic, negroes stealing others culture and history, they built nothing and live in mud dung huts, hunt with pointy sticks, and suck cows ass

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