A Russian Perspective On American-EU-Russian Geopolitical Strategy

In the war of Words between Washington, Moscow, and Brussels- propaganda is slung from every direction in hopes something will stick to the minds of men. Motivating them to take action towards a certain direction. As an American I recognize my country has a monopoly when it comes to influencing the minds of Men. That is not to say American propganda is inherently right or wrong, but it is only one vantage point of many.

This is an interview with an Economic Adviser to Putin Sergey Glazyev. I found this interview to offer a unique perspective I have not yet encountered regarding American-EU-Russian relations.

I enjoy Liveleak for its unique approach to a Global Dialog on a plethora of issues. I hope members can engage in a worthy discussion.

Sourced From: www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-23/putins-chief-integration-a