Report: Salafi Jihadist Groups Continue to Grow in Gaza…Declare Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah are Enemies….

“Fatah, the Popular Front, and Hezbollah are enemies that must be fought. The first two are secular, and the third is operating to spread Shia among Muslims. But we will not fight them now – we will only fight the Jews.” This, in short, is the doctrine of Abu Abdullah al-Ghazi, spokesman of the radical Islamic movement “Jaish al-Umma” (Army of the nation).

According to reports in Arab media, the new organization, which is affiliated with the Salafist stream of fundamentalist Islam, is currently operating in the Gaza Strip, where it is laying its rots. Al-Ghazi claims that the organization already has over 200 fighters and thousands of supporters.

Al-Ghazi’s remarks indicate a sign of growing trouble for Hamas in the kingdom it has built for itself in the Gaza Strip. The creation of individual cells of various extremist groups affiliated with the “World Jihad”, an organization belonging to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, is becoming more and more widespread, and constitutes difficulty for the Hamas leadership, as such cells are comprised of armed operatives who are not obligated to obey Hamas, which is currently trying to maintain calm.

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