Ten thousand at anti NATO rally in Serbia's capital Belgrade

Ten thousand people join the anti NATO rally in Serbia's capital Belgrade under total media blockade of the actual pro NATO Serbian government, protesting against NATO passing through Serbia and using Serbia as one of its Balkans routes, giving NATO immunity and freedom of movement throughout Serbia
NATO alliance unlawfully bombed Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999 falsely accusing the then Serbian government for genocide over Kosovo Albanians. The result is unilateral secession of Kosovo from Serbia, genocide over Serbs committed by the albanian terrorist organization UCK (drugs and human organs trafficking), exodus of more than 200.000 Serbs from Kosovo (Albanians are still a majority in Kosovo), islamist radicalism in Kosovo (Kosovo albanians send volunteers to ISIS in Syria) , and burning and destroying more than 200 Serbian Christian medieval churches, monasteries and monuments in Kosovo by albanian terrorists.
NATO is a murderous fascist alliance which should be destroyed.


By: Haemus (618.90)

Tags: NATO, Kosovo, Serbia, Moscow, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Christianity

Location: Belgrade, Serbia