Norwegian media lies about WWII Concentration Camps

The fact that nowadays media are far away from true is not a suprise. The last publication of Norwegian newspaper Avisa Sør-Trøndelag shows it perfectly. In the review article of a movie "The Reader" author Astrid Kufaas Morken writes:

"...Hanna Schmidt waits in the court accused of war crimes made on huge amount of Jewish people in some Polish concentration camp."

Polish public opinion is outraged. Reduta Dobrego Imienia a polish organisation has already intervened about that fact in Norwegian authorieties. However it may not take any effect because such situation when media in Norway has used slanderous term "polish concentration camps" before. Regardless protesting petitions a norwegian media ethic organisation PFU (Pressens Faglige Utvalg) hasn't recognized such term as offensive. Does it mean that we also can say that Breivik has made his best effort for Norway peace and freedom? Well educated people know that concetration camps were established by Germans however there are a lot of people that don't care about knowing the history. But if they read such an article in newspaper they will find that concentration camps where Jewish people died in thousands every day were made by Polish...