New Video Threatens Attack On DC As Pope Talks World War 3

VR To - Multiple Terror Attacks Across Paris

The Derka Derka released a new propaganda video praising the Paris attacks and threatening to launch an attack on the US capital and other countries involved in the international coalition bombing its militant strongholds in Syria and Iraq.


This Is Just The Beginning?!?

Many Arrests In Anti-Terror Raids

CIA Met With French Before Attack

Jihadis Sneaked In As Refugees?!?

Terrorists In And Ready To Strike?!?

10K Refugees Flown Into New Orleans

States Now Refuse To Accept Refugees

More Central Americans To Enter US?!?

Derka Derka Coming Across Mex Border

Pope Francis Talking Third World War?!?

France To Invoke NATO Treaty Article 5?!?

Russia Fires Bulava IBM From Nuclear Sub

Derka Derka Threatens Attack Inside Russia

Illegal Immigrants Release Bill Of Rights?!?

Cost To Resettle One Refugee Is $64,370!

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