Is Santa greeting Adolf in Berlin?

Another story from the live in crazy Germany. Also i have to start with the source link or nobody would believe it. (Its in German, just hit the translate button)

In Berlin they have a new Santa Claus statue made out of light bulbs. Its pretty ugly, but it has a friendly smile and raises his arm to invite the children to come and get the gifts.

But Berlin would not be Berlin without declaring everybody (or everything) a Nazi who is not vegan and/or gay and a communist. And Santa clearly is a white, straight man who loves the bacon, also he raises suspiciously his arm. So today in the German Newspaper "Berliner Kurier" the headline is: "Is this Santa Claus greeting Hitler": Also on Twitter the liberal nuts from Berlin are going crazy.

"Is it just me who thinks this Santa is somehow outlandish?" (freely translated)

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