Turkey’s concerns much more than YPG: Keeping Syrian revolution alive

Since Saturday, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had been shelling the Syrian Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG), saying the militant organization causes threats to its national security. However, the openly made legitimate statements are not fully reflecting Turkey’s position.

Other than being a threat to its domestic security, the PYD is also one of the biggest obstacles from Syrian revolution achieving its success. Having shadowy relations with the regime, Russia and also the United States, PYD is perceived as a “pawn” by Turkish state and it is also seen as a tool that is used for totally curbing out Syrian opposition from the regions it holds.

The PYD affiliation with the PKK is the main reason it poses a threat to Turkey’s national security. After purging the several southeastern Turkish districts, security units found tunnels that were used by PKK-YPG terrorists to bring in weapons, explosives and militants from Syria to Turkey. As mentioned in reports prepared by Amnesty International, the YPG’s multiple human rights violations are also evident. Ethnic cleansing against Turkmen and Arabs in northern Syria is also an alarming situation for Turkey.

In the name of fighting DAESH, the YPG refrained from keeping its promises of conducting an offensive into DAESH-held Raqqa. The PYD has used the DAESH card to pull weapon support from international powers but instead it has solely focused on taking control of the territories bordering Turkey. Its link to the PKK is not the only threat as the PYD’s expansionist policy also threatens Turkey’s fight against DAESH.

At a time where Turkish and Russians got involved in military actions in Syria, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu paid a visit to Ukraine, where he spoke at a press conference saying that the YPG has been driven out of Azaz and Turkey will not let the city fall into the hands of PYD. Showing Ankara’s determined stance, Davutoğlu used harsher words, saying that if PYD would not evacuate the Menagh airport, Turkey would destroy it.

Previously Davutoğlu gave the Afghanistan example and told Russian President Vladimir Putin to realize that the Soviets had gone and they had to leave Afghanistan with a defeat. He made similar references to history in Kiev too, saying that Russia bombing Syrian civilians is a tactic it used in Chechnya, adding that Moscow wants to “force people to accept Assad stay in power.”

While all these Russia-Turkey war of words continue, Tukish army continued shelling YPG position in various parts of northern Syria and Turkey’s NATO ally U.S. opted to “urge” all sides of Syria issue. On the other hand, possibility of a ground operation is voiced more than ever by Syrian opposition supporters, including Saudia Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey.

The question is what if Azaz ever fall into the hands of Russia-backed PYD. Sources from Ankara indicate that a Turkish offensive into Syria would be inevitable in such situation and Turkish leaders would use all options to keep its only gate to Syrian revolutionary open. Washington’s stance on such operation would only determine whether if it is really up for a solution or prefer to watch Russia do what it did in Georgia and Ukraine.


By: Abu leak (81.70)

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Location: Syria