Black Lives Matter occupies Fraternal order of Police lobbying office

Early morning on the 20th of July,Members of BYP 100 and Black Lives Matter DC took over the Fraternal Order of Police Legislative OfAdvocacy Center at 328 Massachusetts Ave NE. As of 11:30PM activists had been on site 16 hours, and have held a "frat party" showing how the FOP works to ensure killer cops escape justice due to start. Several signs called the FOP "the most violent fraternty in America."

This action is one of a coordinated national series of actions against police unions and "benevolent associations" from coast to coast. Police union offices were occupied in LA, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, here in DC and elsewhere. No longer can the FOP and similar organizations lobby in the shadows for "blue lives matter" bills to grant police impunity for killing African-Americans. Now the light of justice is being shined into their dark corner.

In the DC action, protesters arrived at the FOP's lobbying office ahead of any of the oppositiion at 7AM. Placing the empty building under siege they ensured that no lobbying for police impunity could take place there on July 20 for the entire day. Meanwhile allies blockaded Mass Ave at 4th st.



By: dcdirectactionnews (1860.18)

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Location: Washington, United States