Jump Man - returns

More OC skydiving musical-interlude stuff from the 'lost files'. I made this vid as a lighthearted poke at a skydiving buddy's 'troubles'...he was 70 years old and had lost weight during the winter, which meant he 'floated' and had difficulty maintaining the same drop rate as the other skydivers in the vid. Lionel started jumping at the age of 19, in the French army's parachute regiment. Due to lack of footage of Lionel, I added some of what I saw and did during jumps with him. As the years progress, there are more and more skydivers over 60 who are still at it...yours truly included. The music may be an issue for some, as usual, but it is appropriate. :) Hope you enjoy!
Those familiar with audible altimetres will recognize the warning alarm in the last sequence of the vid.


By: widerstand (1455.94)

Tags: Liveleakers, Entertainment, Skydiving, Parachute, Music, Quebec City

Location: Pintendre, LĂ©vis, Quebec, Canada